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Kat Farrants Letting go and moving on

We’ve all had writer’s block. Or a creative block. Sometimes we don’t even know that we need creativity, but we feel a little ‘stuck’. However, we can all learn from the yogic lesson of letting go and moving on.

What is yoga? It’s making shapes on a sticky plastic mat, I hear you cry. Well, yes it is – that certainly can be one version of yoga. Making the shapes is a key part of it, as seen in yoga studios and gyms worldwide, and the shapes, or ‘asana’, have been a key part in getting me into the practice of yoga. But by far the most interesting thing for me in my yoga journey, and the reason why I decided to quit my job in the city as a lawyer and share the healing power of yoga, was finding out what a useful tool it is in transforming how I feel and how I’m able to be in the world.

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August 2019

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