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Build It
May 2019

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Build It
Since May 2013, homeowners in England have benefitted
Modular modern home
Although contemporary, the design of this four-bedroom
The Jaffrey family wanted a high quality, energy-efficient
product news
Great shopping ideas for your custom home project
interiors notebook
Natural materials continue to be popular in interior schemes. Get on board with this trend and create a calming environment with eco-friendly credentials
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Self build & custom build mortgages
Looking to fund your bespoke home project? Each month we round up the best deals from leading lenders and update you on what you need to know to secure the right finance
Essential advice on your problems with building, budgeting, DIY & planning from the most experienced names in the self build industry
BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO finding land
Th e first step in your self build journey is tracking down a viable building site. Keep yourself ahead of the competition with Build It’s top plot hunting tips
Th is infill plot seems to tick a good number of boxes for Neil and Emily Brunton – so is it a good opportunity? Mike Dade takes a closer look
focus on:
Mike Hardwick, general manager of NaCSBA and Build It expert, updates us on the latest news about the Right to Build scheme
When Richard Cochrane and his two children moved in with wife Jackie and her three daughters, they desperately needed to rethink the layout of their home to cater for their expanded household
Th e Cochranes were originally going to have four rooflights
A family affair
Suzie and Andy Scholes have self built a bold and sustainable new property in the heart of the Surrey countryside thanks to the help of a newly qualified civil engineer – their son Tom
Helical staircase…
Th e staircase is a statementmaking sculptural centrepiece
New lease of life
George and Rebekah Burn renovated the coach house positioned on the same plot as their bungalow, to create a stylish, light-filled gem
Exterior finishes…
Even at the outset of the project, George and Rebekah
Building on experience
Serial self builders Aileen and David Downie have created a spectacular new timber frame home close to St Andrews
Sharp details…
One of the most challenging parts of the build was
Sweeping statement
Martin Fleming’s spacious and curvaceous home only needs minimal heating thanks to its energy efficient design features
Growing up…
Th e large curved roof was an obvious invitation to
Part 6 The main superstructure
Weather delays and technical challenges slow down progress on Build It’s Self Build Education House. Chris Bates gives his latest site update
12 inspiring glazing ideas
Our hand-picked selection of homes with wow factor glass elements demonstrate the design potential of glazing
Build cost basics: Guide to glazed door prices
The Build It Estimating Service’s Adrian Wild compares the cost of the most popular types of glazed door configuration
Anna-Marie DeSouza investigates brick and block construction – the most popular UK build system – to uncover its sustainability qualities
Beginner’s guide to extensions
Adding living space to your property could increase its value and significantly improve the way you use it. Jennifer Grimble sets out where to start and the key things to consider
How to specify internal doors
From reflecting your personal tastes to protecting you and your property in the event of a fire, your choice of doors can have a big impact on your home’s feel and performance, says Charley Ward
Loft conversions
Transforming your attic into a liveable area could be the best way to get more space in your home without moving house. Here we’ve put together everything you need to know to get your project started
Loft bedroom
The Levicks sought out Econoloft’s design and build service to turn their attic into a master suite
Innovative mezzanine
Scenario Architecture took a clever approach to converting a townhouse loft
Structural essentials: Loft floors & insulation
Get the key construction details right, and you’ll be on the straight and narrow road to a successful attic conversion
PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT An innovative & efficient way to convert lofts
PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT An innovative & efficient way
Charley Ward explores the window solutions that can bring light and head height to your attic room
From stairs through to fitted furniture, Anna-Marie DeSouza takes a look at these important elements of your attic project
Designing your loft stairs
The experts at Stairbox reveal what you need to know to get the right flight
HOUSE DESIGN masterclass Part 2 Site survey & assessment
If you’re thinking about buying a specific plot, there’s a lot of early legwork you can do to establish its feasibility for a self build and flag up potential design implications. Architect Julian Owen takes a methodical approach to what to do
Building materials: Sustainability & maintenance
For a building material to be truly green, it needs to offer more than simply being lowcarbon to produce. Nigel Griffiths looks at why longevity is a big part of the equation
ways to maximise your self build budget
Get the best value for money on your project and keep your spending under control with Mike Hardwick’s essential tips
How to renovate a Victorian house
It’s one of the most familiar housing types, but successfully restoring and updating a period property from the Victorian era needs plenty of design and build know-how, says Alan Tierney
Guide to rainwater goods & drainage
It may seem like little more than a finishing touch, but a lot of detail goes into specifying the right rainwater management setup. Tim Doherty sets out what you need to know
How to deal with planning conditions
Mike Dade takes a look at the various extra requirements councils can include in your planning consent – and explains what they could mean for your building project