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The Mortons Books app is home to over 50 specialist books, created by our magazine editors and writers, focusing on specific topics or themes. Our subjects include steam railway, classic motorcycles, scootering, TV and heritage.

The books feature a range of topics - from famous racers (Sheene, Jenson) to popular steam trains (Tornado, Flying Scotsman). More recent books include the Scootering 80's and 90's, Island Racer TT2012, Titled trains and the New Motorcyclist handbook.

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US Supersonic Bomber Projects Vol 2 The threat posed by the Soviet Union throughout the postwar period coincided with an explosion of innovation and can-do attitude among America's aircraft manufacturers. Challenging requirements and experimentation resulted in a huge variety of designs for aircraft powered by nuclear reaction, aircraft capable of flying faster than Mach 5, advanced bombers able to land and take-off from the surface of the ocean, VTOL fighters and bombers, and many others. Aerospace engineer Scott Lowther collects some of the most radical and beyond-the-state-of-the-art 'secret projects' in this - the second volume of his US projects series.