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For fans and fighters alike, our ring and combat sport magazine subscriptions at pocketmags.com are just what you need to get you training harder and fighting better, with tips for nutrition and form as well as up and coming fighters to watch in boxing, wrestling, jiu-jitsu, MMA and other martial arts. Featuring exclusive interviews with stars of the sport and guides to amateur and professional fighting, strap on some gloves, roll out your mat get ready for a showdown with your favourite boxing and martial arts digital magazine subscriptions on Pocketmags!

Boxing Monthly
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Boxing News
Annual Digital Subscription for $89.99
$203.49 Save 56%
Boxing News Presents
Annual Digital Subscription for $34.99
$71.94 Save 51%
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Sports Illustrated
Annual Digital Subscription for $38.99
$159.84 Save 76%
Wrestletalk Magazine
Annual Digital Subscription for $49.99
$59.88 Save 17%
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If you want to read your favourite ring and combat sport magazine subscription on the go, simply download the pocketmags.com app! Available on phone or tablet and on both Apple and Android devices, you’ll find the latest issue will be downloaded to your library every month – ready for you to read wherever you are. You can also catch up without Wi-Fi too; making it perfect to show articles and features to fellow fighters, trainers and fans alike!