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The words

Keeping up the tension

Award-winning novelist Lucy Atkins explains the importance of drip-feeding information to your reader so that they never stop turning the pages


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No. 144 Screw work break free

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In her work as a nature writer, Jini Reddy has been awestruck many times – but increasingly, she has been thinking: how do we capture that sense of wonder in our everyday lives?
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You can be a published novelist
This is your opportunity to have your psychological thriller published as an ebook with Quercus and Psychologies and win a £5,000 deal!
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“ I need to toughen up”
Our award-winning coach, Kim Morgan, helps a self-confessed thin-skinned woman become more resilient at work, and in life
Don’t go it alone, create a network
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Are you ready to move forward?
Come and join us for a weekend of reflection and self-reconnection – and be inspired to take the next step in your life, in partnership with NOW Live Events and West Lexham retreat centre
The woman formerly known as…
Does changing your name when you marry have a fundamental impact on your identity? And does changing it back after a divorce help you feel better? Annabel Abbs asks women in the know…
Paula Hawkins
The author of The Girl On The Train, a record-breaking bestseller, talks about isolation, success and her latest novel
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I’m excited to introduce Scentered, a favourite find
“His sexual demands get me down”
Our agony aunt, Mary Fenwick, offers a new perspective on whatever is troubling you
“I am an optimist. I’m just built that way. I can find joy in many things”
From gritty indie darling in the 1990s, to polished Hollywood superstar in the noughties – and now a serious director too… We celebrate the depth and daring of Ewan McGregor
Break free!
Globalisation, automation, recession, redundancies
Dare to dream,
Ever worried about the future of your career, or fantasised about throwing in the towel to be your own boss and work as you please? Having a successful professional life on your own terms isn’t a pipe dream. Anita Chaudhuri quizzes John Williams, entrepreneur, author and coach, on how to escape the rat race
How to develop a killer idea
Here are five simple steps to creating the right business for you – no matter how crazy it sounds. You may need to put it to the test a little to determine viability, but ideas aren’t finite for the entrepreneurial spirit
Make your dream a reality with our expert
Do you wish you could be coached by John Williams to help turn your business idea into a success? You’re in luck! Join him over four weeks in our exclusive Facebook Live video sessions. Here, he takes us through his month-long plan…
Break for freedom
Wondering what it’s like to break free from the daily grind? Three women share their unique stories of liberation from the nine-to-five
Five money-making ideas to start in 30 days
Thinking of setting up something on the side? Here are your first steps to freelancing…
What do you need to take the leap?
Do you imagine that there’s a parallel life you could be living – but it’s just out of reach? Find out what’s stopping you from stepping through that sliding door and turning your daydreams into reality
#360me The plan
Very month, the #360me team will be sharing our baby-steps approach to leading a healthier, happier life – expert-endorsed and real-life approved
The heavenly combination of peanut butter and chocolate is always decadent, and the unprocessed versions of both ingredients are wonderfully nutritious, say Melissa Sharp and Lindsay Stark in ‘Modern Baker’ (Ebury Press, £26). This is their take on the peanut butter cup – and they make fab individual desserts, too
Q How can I treat my dark circles?
Holistic facialist Abigail James shares her advice on tackling tricky under-eye rings
Summer beauty
New to my natural radar is the brand Awake Organics
The 5:2 diet for your mind
Psychologist Meg Arroll expounds on a novel approach to reducing overstimulation – incorporating two days of ‘active rest’ a week, enabling our brains to pause for breath and reboot with an optimised outlook
Pilates escape
Make a break for the Tuscan hills for a relaxing getaway, and radically improve your fitness, too
Kristina Karlsson
The founder of stationery and lifestyle brand, kikki.K, chats about the importance of mentors, finding her passion and learning to delegate
Getting some perspective
Mindset and a positive outlook can change everything when it comes to the way we approach our bodies. Ali Roff shares her experience…
The art of lucid dreaming
Sleep specialist, academic and author Clare Johnson examines the practice of ‘waking up’ inside your dreams – and the physical and emotional therapeutic potential of the unconscious mind
Q How can I counter airborne allergens?
Each month, leading integrative health expert Dr Andrew Weil gives his definitive answer to a medical question
Soy what?
As the soya debate rages on, Nutrition Editor Eve Kalinik
Broaden your horizons…
Whether you want to learn to cook, become a yogini, channel 007 for the day or visit a Mayan city, we’ve put together our favourite escapes
Travel the world and find meaning
Ethical travel specialist Rickshaw Travel will help you create a personal, authentic travel itinerary – with the emphasis on true connection and responsible adventure
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Create rooms in pale, relaxing neutrals, with substance over style and in which comfort and contentment are the objective
Mediterranean medley
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Holiday food
For some, it could be soupe de poisson slurped under