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Ancient Warfare Magazine

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Ancient Warfare is the only English language magazine to deal exclusively with the military history of the ancient Mediterranean. Edited by Jasper Oorthuys and published bi-monthly, Ancient Warfare magazine is centred around ca. 3000 BC to AD 500 and is bursting with engaging and well-researched articles on soldiers, battles, and tactics. 

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Every issue of the full-colour 60-page magazine is dedicated to a particular theme. This can be a specific campaign or topic from history such as troop types, something more zoomed out such as arms or armour or even broader concepts such as victory and defeat. Most of the expert-written articles within each issue will tie in with this theme for an engaging and entertaining read that you can get delivered directly to your device with an Ancient Warfare digital magazine subscription.

Sign up today to join the well-informed readers with an annual Ancient Warfare digital magazine subscription - it’s the best way to learn more on ancient military history!

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Single Digital Issue XV.6
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Annual Digital Subscription $23.99 billed annually
$4.00 / issue
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Issue Cover

Ancient Warfare  |  XV.6  

Philip II of Macedonia inherited a fragile kingdom under pressure. He absorbed the lessons from his childhood and turned it into a military powerhouse.

First published in 2007 in Rotterdam by the Dutch publishing company, Karwansaray, Ancient Warfare magazine covers the first warfare in the Ancient East up to the end of the Roman Empire in the west, this magazine will provide you with all the historical information on exciting times for the ancient history fan to get stuck into.

Fifteen years since its initial publication, Ancient Warfare has firmly established itself as the authority on everything related to ancient military activity. To ensure every reader always finds something to their liking, the theme-based articles are offset by broader features focussing on other periods, realms and battles. Whether it’s ‘The Warrior’, ‘The Battle’ or ‘Be a General’ feature you’re interest in - there really is something for everyone in its 60 fact-filled pages. Plus, Ancient Warfare commission original artwork and illustrations for every issue, in addition to maps and photography from their extensive collection.

Starting with ancient Egypt and Persia and continuing to the fall of the Western Roman Empire, Ancient Warfare examines the military history of cultures throughout Europe, the Middle East and parts of Asia and Africa. So whether you’re into Alexander the Great, the Persian Wars and Caesar’s Gallic campaigns or some of the less common parts of ancient military history, from chariots as battle taxis to PTSD in antiquity, there’s something for you in an annual Ancient Warfare digital magazine subscription.

An Ancient Warfare digital magazine subscription is your go-to for information about great military activity of the past:

  • The only magazine to focus on the military history of the ancient Mediterranean
  • Centred around circa 3000 BC to AD 500
  • Bursting with engaging and well-researched articles on soldiers, battles, and tactics
  • 60-page magazine with every issue dedicated to a particular theme
  • Stunning original artwork and illustrations
  • Delivered directly to your device bi-monthly

You'll receive 6 issues during a 1 year Ancient Warfare magazine subscription.

Note: Digital editions do not include the covermount items or supplements you would find with printed copies.
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