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Build It
January 2018

Other Articles in this Issue

Build It
As I write, the multi-million pound Christmas TV ads
Built to reflect the clients’ affinity with Scandinavia
Product news
Great shopping ideas for your custom home project
Interiors notebook
It’s never too early to start looking for the finishing touches for your self-build
Your views:
Got a funny story, a gripe or some superb self-build advice? Write to us at buildit@castlemedia.co.uk or the address below for your chance to win a prize
Steps to success
First-time self-builders John Bearman and Stephanie Rogers faced a steep learning curve on this project, but meticulous research has helped them to realise an ambitious three-storey home that beautifully blends traditional and contemporary features
Adding an extra storey for just £59,000
Hard work and creativity have helped Will Rome convert his old bungalow into a two-storey home fit for modern living, all on an impressively small budget
Perfect match, perfect partners 3
Working with an architect helped Rachael and Anthony Locke realise the true potential of their idyllic, but prickly, woodland plot
21st century update
Mark and Stephanie Fernandez have transformed an outdated bungalow into a contemporary masterpiece fit for modern family life
Modular & modern
When it came to creating a bespoke Highland home on the fringes of a loch, Iain and Lesley MacDonald decided on a premanufactured structure that arrived in eight modules
Understanding smart home technology
Emily Smith looks at how the latest devices can enhance how you interact with your home
Cantilevered staircases
Could a gravitydefying flight bring wow factor to your home? Emily Smith investigates how to achieve this style
Are woodburning stoves really eco-friendly?
Woodburners have recently hit the headlines as potential causes of poor air quality – but is this a fair criticism? Sofia Delgado looks at how to ensure your appliance has the minimum impact on our environment
Ventilation options for new homes
Bringing fresh air in and pushing stale air out is a vital component of a healthy living environment. Chris Bates takes a look at the main solutions for whole-house ventilation
Timber frame vmasonry
Rebecca Foster gives the lowdown on these two structural systems to help you decide which option is the best fit for your project
Eco heating strategies for renovators
A major project can signal the perfect opportunity to upgrade your heating system. Nigel Griffiths reveals what you need to know about everything from getting insulation right through to selecting the best appliance and emitters
AVOIDING grand designs disasters
Architect Julian Owen takes a closer look at common selfbuild pitfalls and how to make sure your project doesn’t fall victim to them
Period homes: let the light in
Bright spaces aren’t confined to modern houses, says Alan Tierney, but you have to work carefully with older dwellings to let the sunshine flood in
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What is thermal mass?
Good use of thermal mass can help to reduce the cost of heating and cooling your home. Tim Doherty looks at how it works – and how to best integrate it into your building project
Did they secure planning consent?
Mike Dade takes a look back at four potential plots he’s visited in recent years, and lets us know whether the hopeful self-builders and renovators managed to gain permission to go ahead with their projects
Can I save money with builder’s merchants?
When it comes to sourcing materials, we all want to get the best possible deal. Mike Hardwick looks at what that means for self-builders – and whether merchants are the right place to put your money
10 WAYS to add kerb appeal
You’ll want your renovated house to be somewhere that wows guests and makes you proud when you pull up on the drive, so what are the best ways to make sure your property leaves a lasting impression? Architect Opinder Liddar investigates
Self-build mortgages
Looking for funding for your self-build project? Each month we round up the best deals from leading lenders – and update you on what you need to know about securing the right finance
Essential advice on your problems with building, budgeting, DIY & planning from the most experienced names in the self-build industry
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Focus on:
We catch up with Door Couture author and Urban Front designer Elizabeth Assaf to ask her about the details homeowners need to take into account when choosing a contemporary front door for their selfbuild or renovation scheme