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Eye Spy Special Issues

First published in the UK, May 2001, Eye Spy Intelligence Magazine is the world’s only newsstand publication dedicated to espionage and intelligence. Described as the bridge between ‘officialdom’ and the public, Eye Spy is extremely popular with those who work in intelligence, security, defence and specialist wings of the armed forces. It is subscribed to by hundreds of official intelligence agencies, government training academies, military forces and security colleges throughout the world.

These special editions are from Eye Spy. If you're looking for subscriptions offers to the regular magazine check out our Eye Spy Subscription Offers.

Eye Spy Issue 2 Issue 2 Acquista per €6,99 Vista | Al carrello
Eye Spy Special 1 Special 1 Acquista per €6,99 Vista | Al carrello
Eye Spy 150 Spy Sites 150 Spy Sites Acquista per €11,99 Vista | Al carrello