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Autumn is a period of reflection and tranquillity for me. The excitement of summer has drifted away, yet the hustle and bustle of Christmas is yet to take full hold, and so I am left in this calm, in-between state – and it is glorious. I like to use these weeks to head back into the kitchen and try new and exciting recipes (the ones in Lucy Bee’s new book look especially delicious), with fun gadgets to make preparing meals even more enjoyable. Then, I turn my attention to my bedroom. The late nights of July and August have taken their toll, so it’s high time that the décor and bedding was refreshed – and hopefully I will be too! And finally, a little bit of whimsy is in order, in the form of a colouring-in cushion kit. Pardon me while I fetch the felt-tips...

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October 2015

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