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It’s all in the technique…


The post-Christmas bloat is not an empowering feeling. Coach Pete Cohen says a great tool to avoid it is to stay accountable by sharing your plan to keep a healthy balance. ‘More often than not, you’ll find that other people say, “Great, me too.”‘ Cohen and Tamara Russell, director of the Mindfulness Centre of Excellence, advise us to think about our intentions. Russell prompts us to ask ourselves, ‘How do you want to be, in relation to food and drink, this year?’ She shares a practical tool for awareness: ‘Mindful movement, as we reach for another helping or a top-up, is a great way to practise being more aware of our consumption.’

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No. 149

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Every month, the #360me team will be sharing our baby-steps approach to leading a healthier, happier life – expert-endorsed and real-life approved.
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Addiction therapist John McKeown, founder of Ibiza Calm residential rehabilitation centre, advises a reader on how to help her partner, who has been constantly unfaithful to her
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Wild Nutrition co-founder Henrietta Norton reminds us why it’s the season to celebrate, like we’ve done throughout the ages, not only to survive, but to feel good
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Many of us have been subject to the effects of one too many margaritas –but few of us know that there’s ample cause to celebrate this indigenous spirit, too. Eve Kalinik leads the toast for tequila
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