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Breathe Magazine

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Breathe is the original mindfulness magazine and your personal body-and-soul mentor for a calmer, more relaxed self.  Breathe magazine is overflowing with inspiring ideas to motivate you to make more time for yourself through beautiful illustrations, mind-quieting craft projects and thought-provoking features on topics ranging from how to relieve stress to increasing resilience and the secret to true happiness.

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Its five inspiring sections: wellbeing, living, mindfulness, creativity and escape, act like an on-the-go life coach you can slip into your yoga bag. This beautiful illustrated publication is the perfect antidote to the stressors and strains of everyday life and will look just as good on your device with a Breathe digital magazine subscription as it does on the print version’s tactile, top quality paper stock.

Take the plunge today and immerse yourself in an annual Breathe digital magazine subscription - the UK’s original mindfulness magazine.

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Issue Cover

Breathe  |  054  

Some words are heavy with negative vibes. Take ‘quit’. A pithy verb that, for many, is a synonym for failure, suggestive of a lack of stamina, talent or resilience. Even the phrase ‘Quit while you’re ahead’ hints at an element of good fortune that’s about to run out. But maybe quitting gets a bad press. Maybe it’s misunderstood. Maybe the reasons why people choose to quit are overlooked or, occasionally, ignored.

Few make the decision to leave behind a job, partner, friend or even pastime without serious thought. .. read more That goes for people of all abilities no matter where they stand on the ladder of perceived success or how much time and effort they’ve invested in a relationship or project. There are often conflicting emotions – a desire to try to achieve more, for example, might co-exist with the recognition that a much-loved project would benefit from someone else’s fresh ideas. Excitement about doors to open might mingle with sadness at the one actively being closed.

There are times when hanging on in there is absolutely the thing to do – author Joanne Harris once posted that she’d received so many rejections for her novel, Chocolat, that she’d made them into a scuplture. (The book went on to be a bestseller and was later adapted for the big screen.) But never changing course isn’t the most effective option for everyone.

Quitting can be constructive and beneficial, on a personal or professional level (or both). Staying in an unhealthy relationship or job, for example, takes its toll on body and soul. Those who wish and are able to quit such situations are brave and resilient. So, perhaps it’s time to recognise quitting doesn’t equal failure (witness tennis champions Serena Williams and Roger Federer, who recently exited the professional game). It’s a decision based on many factors, among them a desire for growth and change. But whatever the reasons, those who quit often need support.

Let’s be there for them.  read less

First published in the UK in 2016, each issue has a thoughtful, seasonal theme, making Breathe magazine your digital dose of self-care. Its slogan: “Breathe and make time for yourself” tells you it’s time to switch off and enjoy some “you time” before you’ve even swiped onto the first page. 

Five years later and Breathe has established itself in the UK wellness space as the leading mindfulness magazine. Whether it’s through creative therapies, sleep assistance, idyllic retreats, mindfulness or superfoods, the holistic range of self-care topics covered is designed to help you cope with the pressures and anxieties of modern life.

The thought-provoking features are designed to offer advice and techniques for relaxation and mindfulness. Discover and take away simple ways to ease your mind, from their helpful guides to forgiveness, gratitude and freedom from worries, to healthy food plans and craft activities to focus your mind.

Whether you’re looking to calm your thoughts or energise your body and spirit, you’ll find everything you need to build a happier, healthier life in your annual Breathe digital magazine subscription - download the latest edition to your device today and make time for you!

A Breathe digital magazine subscription is your go-to for a more mindful, fruitful life:

  • The UK’s original mindfulness magazine
  • Insightful, thought-inspiring features
  • Five mindful sections including wellbeing, living, mindfulness, creativity and escape 
  • Beautiful, exclusive illustrations
  • Actionable tips to focus, calm and nourish your mind
  • Every issue delivered directly to your device

You'll receive 9 issues during a 1 year Breathe magazine subscription.

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Based on 44 Customer Reviews
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Breath of fresh air

Great for relaxation and mindfulness for all the family Reviewed Saturday, April 9, 2022

One of the best

Always inspiring Reviewed Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Really inspiring

Well worth a look Reviewed Saturday, July 20, 2019

Portable self-care

This magazine is everything you need to make you feel cared for and special.Each issue is packed with ideas for your health,taking time for you,dreaming and encouraging you to bring out that creative part that is in all of us but often is hidden because we don't know where to start. I think is a warming nurturing hug all in a very beautiful put together magazine.
Each page is beautifully throughout and the illustrations and colours are so inspiring.
This is the magazine that we have all been waiting for.
So take the time to savour each page and feel so much better after spending time with this great magazine and just Breathe. Enjoy
Reviewed Friday, October 12, 2018

Articles in this issue

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WELCOME Some words are heav y with negative vibes. Ta ke ‘quit’. A pithy verb that, for ma ny, is a synonym for failure, suggestive of a lack of stamina, t a lent or resilience. Even the phrase ‘Quit while ...
WELLBEING Seeing friends for a cuppa, potter ing around the house, listening to music – pr ior itise ever yday pleasure ...
Keeping it close What makes a person a friend? Is it – as Oscar Wilde put it – someone who ‘stabs you in the front’? Someone who’ll tell you truths that you need to hear, perhaps, and someone who’ll love you, foible...
HOW TO EXPAND YOUR LOCAL FRIENDSHIP GROUP ILLUSTRATIONS: HAZEL MASON Be real Take a risk. Being real means looking at who you are, what feeds you and what depletes you. It means dropping a performance of the self you want to be...
PALS DESPITE THE DIFFERENCES Desmond Tutu & the Dalai Lama There are those who say that all religion is the cause of strife or that it’s hard for people of different faiths to be friends. Yet two of the world ’s grea...
Ode to joy Have you ever stopped to consider the things that fill you with joy? They could be as simple as a hot bubble bath, a slice of sourdough toast with real but ter, coffee with friends, a slushy...

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